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Paul Morgan for Governor is about putting Hawai'i First

 I believe that bringing the people of Hawai'i together is what serving the community as Governor should be about.  By addressing the most pressing issues in Hawai'i and strengthening the community bonds, the quality of life for all the people of Hawai'i can be improved. My unique outside perspective affords me the ability to resolve issues using the people and resources we currently have. 


I am committed to Hawai'i First 

End Corruption • Sustainable Solutions • Economic Recovery


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Hawai'i First

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Change for Hawai'i

July 21, 2022

Change is hard work, sacrifice, prayer and hope. Join me in putting Hawai'i First to help make the changes we need for Hawai'i. Click the image to hear my intent to put Hawai'i First and create the change we need to see in Hawai'i. ...

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